De Tomaso Pantera

Gian Mario Rossignolo, the new CEO of De Tomaso and also the person who brought new life to the company, revealed during the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year that they are going to put out a modern day version of the De Tomaso Pantera sports car before the end of the year 2011.

Because of a video snapped on internet, we now have the privilege of taking a look at the new Pantera for the very first time. A prototype looking sports car was seen coming out of De Tomaso’s factory located at Grugliasco, Italy. You can see that De Tomaso has produced one mean machine here as evidenced by the engine’s sound while accelerating and imposing air intakes.

Rumors say it will be powered by a V8 engine from Ford just like the original Pantera and will feature an aluminum body. However, there have been no official specs released on what might be included in the new De Tomaso Pantera.