Volvo Concept Universe

Providing what might be a sneak peak as to what Volvo has in store for its future design outlook, the automaker has unveiled the new Volvo Concept Universe. The luxury sedan concept made its world premiere at the Shanghai Auto Show.

Although Geely, the Chinese owner of Volvo, has been hinting about a model that would be rivaling the Mercedes Benz S-Class, Universe’s length is less than 5 meters which means that it is aimed to be a replacement for the Volvo S80 and is not meant to battle against the S-Class.

According to CEO and President of Volvo cars, Stefan Jacoby, the concept car gives people a chance to see what Volvo has in store for their new top-of-the-line sedan. As with all of their models, they are planning to have the concept sedan be brought to Europe and the U.S. in order to widen their reach towards the global market.

The vice president of Volvo design department, Peter Horbury, said that modern luxury car buyers have been very pleased with models that are so well refined yet have simple and uncomplicated characteristics. He is confident that the Volvo luxury sedans have a bright future especially with the upcoming Volvo Concept Universe.

Photos: Volvo