2005 Orca C113

The 2005 Orca C113 is the newest edition of the Sweden based Orca Engineering’s supercar. Designed and developed by the company’s Rene Beck, there’s a big chance that you have never heard of this car, but it certainly can dominate the racetrack. This edition of the Orca actually took fifteen years to reach the production model. 2003 was when the Orca was first unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

The engine, courtesy of MTM, is an Audi 4.2-liter V8 tuned with twin-turbochargers. This beast can output 641HP at 5,400rpm, with the turbochargers capable of providing it with 11.6psi of pressure to make those imposing numbers possible and giving the supercar a top speed which, while never tested, the company claims was 224mph. The aluminum suspension was made with a CNC machine with a layer of carbon fiber on top of it for some extra protection.

While the new model has underlying characteristics that are similar to the original 2003 model, the design is quite different. It did not disappoint during the Geneva Motor Show and managed to grab a lot of attention due to its prominent look. The chassis is extensively built on aluminum material to ensure rigidness and carbon fiber was used on several components to make it lightweight and durable. The last noticeable feature of the exterior is the use of scissor doors that are similar to those of the Lamborghinis.

The price of the car was originally around the $200,000 range but with the company limiting the numbers to several hundred units, the 2005 Orca C113 has seen its production cease.

Photos: topspeed.com