2012 BMW M6

While the release of the much awaited 2012 BMW M6 won’t be until next year, there are already a lot of speculations regarding the next generation model. This is especially the case when it comes to just what the design of the new model will be. Here are some sample renderings of what it might look like. The rear headlights that are akin to that of the BMW CS Concept’s coupled with the 21” rims make for a very sleek look.

There are already debates as to whether the new M6 should sport a carbon fiber roof or glass roof. Codenamed F12, the next generation M6 might come in two flavors: the regular M6 and a CSL model. This information came from BMW themselves a few months ago.

As for these images, I’m really digging the way the rear looks. While I’m not really fond of the bulge on the car’s hood, overall I’m still impressed with these renderings. What about you? How do you find these 2012 BMW M6 3D images?